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Carrom which is also spelled as Karrom is a “strike-and-pocket” tabletop game, which originated in South-Asia and is an Indian version of pool or billiards.

Carrom King™ 3D is a fun and challenging board game for all ages by pocketing the coins using the striker.

The queen is the most important coin in the game; it is worth 3 points alone. However, in order to bag the queen, you must give her a cover as well. This means that you must pocket one cover immediately after pocketing the queen. Can you bag the queen before your opponent?

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  • Sachin Manlohar

    It is nice to play it. You must download and try the game. The controls and gameplay are very nice. I recommend this game. Play and enjoy.

  • Parvej Sabharwal

    This game is very interesting. I love this game. This is one of favorite games. In this game we easily learn to play Carrom. I always play this game in my free time. This is a very game.

  • Tanisha Chatterjee

    For me It's a very good game.... Just 《♡ LOVE IT ♡》..
    I am a small girl of 9 years and I didn't know how to play, I had played real carrom board but not so well. I downloaded this app Bassss ...... FIRST CLASS!!!

  • V Subramanian

    Carrom King is a superb app. It is a perfect app for playing Carrom, a fantastic game for entertainment.

  • Abdul Khader

    I loved this game. It is very very easy to play and I also liked the way the bot plays. I learned many tricks. A must download game!

  • Shabbir Khan

    This is a really awesome game. I like this game so much. I recommend this game. I learned Carrom with this game.


Carrom King is the perfect game to play for all the age groups as the game offers you a mix and match of logical thinking, reasoning and also eyes-and-hand coordination. Play Carrom King and start practicing your aims and master your strikes.

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