Exciting features of Carrom King

  • Online Multiplayer

    Form teams & compete with real-time global players in 1vs & 2vs2 online freestyle & black & white mode.

  • 2 Vs. 2 Team Up Mode

    Form teams and compete with each other in the Online Multiplayer mode.

  • Realistic Carrom

    Improved controls for efficient flicking and pocketing of coins.

  • VIP Lounge

    An exclusive lobby with powerup & voice chat

  • Interesting Pucks & Frames

    Choose from different pucks and frames designs to make the game more exciting.


    Collect striker, pucks, frames, cash, coins and a mystery card!

About Carrom King

Carrom King is the most popular Indian-made carrom game played among families and friends. The game is a mobile version of the classic board game strike and pocket carrom, with thrilling graphics and a realistic audio-visual experience. One of the best Carrom games on the internet, with numerous modes and interesting features like live chat, multiple lobbies & boards, and & unique collectibles such as pucks, strikers, frames, cash, and coins!

Carrom King is great for any occasion! The app includes online modes such as "Online Multiplayer" and "Play with Friends," as well as offline modes such as "Computer," "Pass N Play," and "Trick Shots." The game provides the highest fulfillment of playing Carrom with its 2Vs2 Team-Up mode and a new exclusive VIP Lounge lobby with powerup & voice chat!

"Carrom is more than a game; it is an emotion," as it brings family and friends together for a good time and a blast of fun! Carrom King is the only Carrom app that has a huge community of 75+ Million global players, making it the only go-to Carrom app for challenging and super fun online Carrom matches!

What people are saying about Carrom King

  • Sachin Manlohar

    It is nice to play it. You must download and try the game. The controls and gameplay are very nice. I recommend this game. Play and enjoy.

  • Parvej Sabharwal

    This game is very interesting. I love this game. This is one of favorite games. In this game we easily learn to play Carrom. I always play this game in my free time. This is a very game.

  • Tanisha Chatterjee

    For me It's a very good game.... Just 《♡ LOVE IT ♡》..
    I am a small girl of 9 years and I didn't know how to play, I had played real carrom board but not so well. I downloaded this app Bassss ...... FIRST CLASS!!!

  • V Subramanian

    Carrom King is a superb app. It is a perfect app for playing Carrom, a fantastic game for entertainment.

  • Abdul Khader

    I loved this game. It is very very easy to play and I also liked the way the bot plays. I learned many tricks. A must download game!

  • Shabbir Khan

    This is a really awesome game. I like this game so much. I recommend this game. I learned Carrom with this game.

What's New?

  Get ready for goals, take challenges & complete them to earn exciting rewards.

  Brand new VIP Lounge with exclusive power-up & voice chat

  New attractive Avatars to boost your presence

  Unlock or buy a chest box and receive amazing collectibles

  Interesting strikers for efficient striking!

  Power-ups to compete with the AI bot in the Computer mode

  Inbox : Stay updated with our latest news & join our community!

  Sandbox : Practice and skill up endlessly

  Gifting emojis! : Explore a new way of teasing

  Blow dragon power into your strike with the Brand NEW 🔥 Draco Striker🔥

  Solar Flare : Shine bright & Light Up your carrom game with Unmatched Precision ⚡